Terminal Administration Office in Świecko - Powiat Słubicki

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Full name


Room/Telephone number


Wojciech Skwarek

Inspektor ds. administrowania nieruchomością

(95) 758 56 20


Jolanta Hanuszczak

Podinspektor ds. administracyjnych

(95) 758 56 20


The main tasks:

1) ensuring maintenance of buildings and grounds in good technical condition, as well as developing repair and investment plans and preparation of contracts,

2) drafting resolutions issued by the district in matters concerning the management of property,

3) preparation of documents necessary for releasing the property in lease, rental, lending (drafting opinions, draft lists, drafts of lease, rental and lending),

4) preparation and monitoring of the operating costs,

5) preparing the data necessary to carry out the procedures for public procurement relating to immovable property,

6) keeping records of fuel purchases, organization of work, allocation of tasks and supervision over the performance of work by employees for the real estate services, as well as keeping personnel documentation.