Location of the district - Powiat Słubicki

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The district of Słubice is situated in the north-western part of the Lubuskie Province bordering the district of Gorzów, district of Sulęcin, district of Krosno and the Federal State of Brandenburg in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the north, east, south-east and west respectively. The district consists of five municipalities: Cybinka, Górzyca, Ośno Lubuskie, Rzepin and Słubice. The district covers an area of almost 1,000 sq. km and is inhabited by appr. 47 thousand people. The seat of the Starost Office is in Słubice.

The border location gives the district a character and shapes the directions of development of the municipalities which comprise it. Having Germany as a neighbor, properly developed trade and services and good communication network are the factors that influence the economic activity.

The border crossings in Świecko and Słubice promote the development of companies involved in transport, forwarding and customs services. The natural values of the district – lakes, forests, diverse landscape and the richness of fauna and flora create good conditions for recreation, sports, hiking and cycling.