Department of Promotion and Social Affairs - Powiat Słubicki

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Full name


Room/ Telephone number


Krzysztof Murdza


(95) 759 20 28


Magdalena Jeżak-Tomasik

Starszy specjalista ds. kultury, sportu i turystyki

(95) 759 20 29


Wojciech Obremski

Podinspektor ds. promocji powiatu

(95) 759 20 29


Alicja Matkowska

Podinspektor ds. społecznych i oświaty

(95) 759 20 29


The main tasks:

1) preparation and dissemination of materials promoting the district, including their presentation at exhibitions, fairs and cultural events in the country and abroad,

2) organizing and co-organizing ventures on a district scale for culture, sports and tourism,

3) cooperation with the media, including the performance of spokesperson function,

4) implementation of tasks related to the care of historical monuments in the district,

5) handling matters related to the supervision of associations and foundations,

6) issuing permits in terms of repatriation of corpses and remains,

7) cooperation in the ongoing tasks of the organizational units of the District, in particular with the District Labor Office in Słubice, the District Family Assistance Center in Słubice, the District Centre of Support in Rzepin and the Education and Care Centre „Nasza Chata” in Cybinka, as well as the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station,

8) establishment of the annual schedule of working hours of pharmacies in the District,

9) implementation of tasks in the field of schools and educational institutions for which the governing authority is the District, laid out in the Act on the Education System.