Emergency Management Office - Powiat Słubicki

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Full name


Telephone number


Józef Kłobuch

Inspektor ds. zarządzania kryzysowego

(95) 759 20 24


Mikołaj Jagła

Główny specjalista ds. obronnych i obrony cywilnej

(95) 759 20 24


The main tasks:

1) coordinating projects related to the implementation of defense tasks, civil defense and crisis management in the District Office, as well as drafting regulations, guidelines and recommendations of Starost on the above,

3) planning, preparing and agreeing on material and financial projects assigned to tasks related to crisis management, civil defense and defense,

4) participation in communication training in terms of the radio networks of cooperation and management of the Lubuskie Voivode and ensuring the communication in terms of radio network management of Starost,

5) implementation of tasks of the District Crisis Management Center,

6) organizing and conducting military qualification,

7) implementing tasks of the fire protection of the district office seat building,

8) dealing with affairs related to the organization of mass events,

9) cooperation with units of the district combined administration and other units in terms of the organization of the system of the National Medical Rescue,

10) performing tasks related to the protection of personal data and classified information.